Window Tinting

So you want to get the windows on your vehicle tinted. Yes, it going to make you car look cool, but did you know about all the added benefits that come along with it? Plus, when you have your vehicle tinted by Lynx Auto Glass of Hayward Ca. you have professionals with 15 years of experience in the window tinting industry ensuring your install adheres to our superior standards.

Using the most trusted names in the industry, Lynx Auto Glass Window Tints are guaranteed not to bubble, fade, peel or crack. With a wide range of films to choose from you’ll receive a vehicle with great looks and phenomenal protection.

As we mentioned above, tinting your cars windows isn’t just for looks…it actually enhances your driving experience. Tinting your vehicles windows can…

Decrease Heat Build Up
Prevent Upholstery from Fading
Reduce Health Risks From Over Exposure to the Sun
Reduce Sun Glare When Driving
Prevent Shattering Glass if You’re in an Accident

Look cool and enhance your driving experience when you let Darkside Window Tinting service your vehicle. Ready to get started? Just follow the link below to get started with a free quote!